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Frugality Today

January 30th, 2005 at 04:40 pm

-Homemade Chocolate Raspberry Coffee and a Banana for Breakfast

-I showered yesterday and since my skin is so dry and itchy from the winter, I washed my hair in the kitchen sink with a dab of shampoo. I only use conditioner every other day or my hair gets oily. No shower today-every other day is enough with my dry skin.

- I grilled T-bone steaks (bought at my pricebook rockbottom price of $3.97lb.) outside for dinner (saves electricity rather than use the kitchen broiler) - propane is cheaper than electric. We had both corn and garlic mashed potatoes bought Free after double coupons. I lit a candle for dinner saving on overhead lighting (making it romantic) and serve chilled White Zinfandel(purchased for $ 8.99 for 5 liters- lasts a long, long time and I love Franzia) in my best wine glasses! Dessert was Harry and David Cookies that were a gift.

- Washed one full load of darks in cold water using just one Tide Tablet (1/2 the recommended amount) which I purchased for Free with doubled coupons almost 3 years ago. I haven't bought laundry detergent in almost 3 years and still have a stash. I just hung them to dry on the drying racks in the bathtub.

- Made a big pot of homemade soup for dinner tomorrow using 3 freezer containers of homemade chicken broth and leftovers(beef, chicken, spaghetti(cut into pieces) and sauce, veggies, gravies) that I have accumulated in the freezer. I added a few more veggies and Mexican spices. It is delicious! DH says I make the best homemade soup! Most people throw out their leftovers- what a waste! This will make one meal if not two out of a little bit of this and a little bit of that which would have been pitched everynight! I used to do this when I worked too and take the soup in a microweavable container everyday for my lunch. My co-workers used to rave about the smell and how good my soup looked. If they only knew! :-)

- I opened all the shades on the windows where the sun is streaming in to help the heat- heat the house.

- I baked homemade banana bread from 3 overripe bananas that I got Free at Bashas on sale and with their store coupon a week or so ago. While the oven was hot I made full use of it. I also baked 12 homemade blueberry muffins ( from frozen blueberries that I got for .50 a pint last year) and a pan of homemade cornbread. They all baked together at 400 degrees! When the muffins and cornbread came out at 20 minutes I turned the oven down to 300 to finish baking the bread. I consider this a great way to save on electricity! I froze the bread and 8 of the muffins for future breakfasts. We will have 4 muffins for breakfast tomorrow and the cornbread with the soup tomorrow night and possibly the next night!

- I turned my computer off when not using it to save on electricity!

- I read a great article in a Newsletter that came last week. It was about saving money by grinding your own beef. I could save about $1.00- $ 1.50 a lb. by buying beef on sale and grinding it myself. This way I can control the amount of fat in it and it will be much healthier. I buy 96% or more lean ground sirloin when I buy it and I can never find it for under $3.99 a lb.
I can buy sirloin steaks cheaper than that on sale and save. So I am debating. I already substitute ground turkey for a lot of my ground beef recipes because it is healthier. But then again there is nothing like a juicy hamburger on a bun. So I am gonna spend some time researching this week as to whether it would be cost effective of me to buy the meat grinding attachment for my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. I need a good price and then I have to figure how much ground beef I use in a month and see if buying the grinder would be worth it!

-Snacks at lunchtime today was FF saltines and cheese. Healthy and filling!

- I washed my kitchen floor with Clorox Quick Mop that I made my own solution to refill the canister. Much cheaper than buying their refills!

- I clipped 4 flyers of coupons. Yup-turns out I had 4- one was a Fry's full of Kraft Coupons. I only clipped about 30 out of the 4 flyers! The coupons were lousy. I no longer clip any that are for 2 or more product purchases. If they aren't on one product, I don't want them! I also will not clip any convenience food coupon that won't give me the product for free or pennies. It is cheaper to make homemade otherwise.

- I spent some time reading back newsletters for ideas and to refresh my memory.

- I also pulled some recipes from my recipe box that we used to have all the time 30 years ago but that I haven't made in years. I am gonna work on making them over the next few weeks, especially tuna potpie! I have lots of tuna to use up! We get tired of tuna sandwiches, tuna on crackers and seafood casserole. I need some new tuna recipes!

I am gonna finish my day watching Law and Order and Crossing Jordan- 2 of my very favorite shows!

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