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I have had a hectic two days, but I am back

January 26th, 2005 at 12:42 pm

Yesterday I ran DH around while he did some errands. We also purchased a new rosebush with the rest of our Home Depot GC and planted it.

We also met my DIL for dinner at Damons. Between a GC we got for Christmas and a $10. off coupon, we all had a very nice dinner, dessert and drinks for just a 20% tip out of pocket for the waiter.

Today, I have done two loads of wash in cold water and hung them to dry. I also went and did the weekly grocery shopping at Bashas and Safeway. Boy those $1.00 deals go quickly when there are .50/1 doubled coupons. I made out well though. At Safeway, I spent about $20. and saved $32.06 which was 62% of my bill. At Bashas I spent $25.12 but saved 32.40 so a little less saving there.

Dinner tonight is gonna be cheap! My DIL hates salad and it came free with her dinner. So she had them box it for me to take home. It is a good size and I am gonna add lettuce and carrots, sliced chicken and cheese to it for Chef Salads for the two of us.
The lettuce was cheap last week- $ .49 a head, the carrots were free today with a winetag, the sliced chicken was frozen which I thawed. It is left over from Christmas; same for the LO'L cheese!

I am going to go work on some cross-stitch now.

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