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Terrific Sunday

January 23rd, 2005 at 06:18 pm

Well, today was beautiful again- warm and sunny!

I decided to check my budget figures for the month since there are only 8 days left and see if I have to cut back for the rest of the month.
Well I am over budget on groceries, medical and entertainment. The medical can't be helped because of DH and I getting sick.
I am $41.00 over budget on groceries so will cool it the rest of the month. My entertainment budget included airplane tickets so I can't get too upset over that. Guess I am not doing too bad.

I cut and filed todays coupons and looked at The Target flyer since I will be going there tomorrow between Dr's appts. I have a $20.00 GC from Christmas.

Dinner tonight was homemade Chicken Lo Mein. Yummy!

Most of the day, DH and I have been watching football!

Well I am off to finish watching the game!

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